Monday, December 9, 2013

Starting another 25 Motif Challenge with three more Gems

I finished my first 25 Motif Challenge, and am going to do it again because it was fun.  So, here are three more from Jon's Elegant Tatted Gems. (Incidentally, I only have one more to finish to have completed all of them in the book.  Woop!)

#1 - Kencana 
Lizbeth No. 20, Color 688, Seagreen Dark.  Finished 8/2/13.

#2 - Mustika
Flora No. 20, Color 60.  (This thread is discontinued and I couldn't find the name of this color anywhere. It could also use some more blocking--kinda looks like a star fish!) Finished 9/1/13.

#3 - Delima  
Lizbeth No. 20, Color 628, Salmon Medium.  Finished 10/21/13.

1 comment:

  1. All three are beautiful! That is one of my favorite tatting books, and once I finish my doily, I'll definitely be getting back to it!