Thursday, May 5, 2016

Renulek's Spring 2016 Doily

Been tatting a lot.  Need to take photos of all my finished projects and post on here but for now, here are rounds 1, 2, and 3 of Renulek's Spring 2016 Doily.  I'm also working on what I think is her Spring 2014 Doily and am almost finished with that one (on the last round).  Will post pictures of that another time.

For now, here are some (not that great, sorry) photos of what I have done as of today on the 2016 Doily.  I'm tatting it in Lizbeth thread, size 20, color 709 "Dark River Blue".

Round 1 (Please excuse the cruddy pics.)

Round 2

Round 3 (And another cruddy pic.  The color is closer to the round 2 picture.)

And the pretty shuttles from Shuttles by Design that I'm using for this project.  They're lightweight and feel great in my hand, and hold about 50% more than a bobbin shuttle.  I usually like to use shuttles with a hook so I don't need to keep a crochet hook close by while working, but these are worth it.  They do have a very loud CLICK sound while winding but I don't mind that a bit.   In fact, I ordered two more today that I'll take photos of when I get them next week.