Friday, June 2, 2017

Renulek's Spring 2017 Doily - Round 8 done

Finished round 8 of Renulek's Spring 2017 doily.  Yarnplayer's hand dyed thread size 20 in Sugar Maple.  This time gave it a little press with the iron (yes I do own one).

This round looked pretty easy but I had a hard time for some odd reason. First time I had to cut out a mistake on this project (and I don't have a lot of thread as it is!).  I had to literally say a little mantra to myself to stop making the same mistake:

Chain.  Ring---Ring.
Chain.  Ring---Ring.
Chain.  Ring---Ring.

Finally got it.  Again, why so hard to remember?  Odd.

So now I'm ready to start round 9 but this could almost stand on it's own don't you think?  If I do run out of thread I can cut down to a row like this that looks good finished.  Game plan for not enough thread is a good idea but before I dove in I probably should have listened to that little voice  that said, "Well.....doesn't look good kid!"

I have less than 100 yards left for this project.  I am going to have to either quit early, or use a complimentary color on the remaining rounds.  Bummer!!

Maybe there is someone out there with a skein (or 2) of this that would like to trade for some of my hand dyed thread that I have single skeins of. Or wouldn't mind selling it to me.  Any takers??  (Long shot but gotta try.)  I have some nice stuff.  Will have to tackle that in another post though since no pics of those yet.


  1. Yes, there are a number of places where the doily could be left and look complete. But I hope you don't run out of thread!

    1. I'm definitely going to run out of thread. :(

  2. Your doily is stunning already!!! :)