Monday, July 29, 2013

Three pretty motifs

Here are three more motifs from Jon's lovely book.

#8 Nilakandi
Lizbeth No. 20, color 100, Falling Leaves.  Finished: 7/8/13.
(This is the only one I've made in variegated thread, and I like the solid colors better.)

#9 Cintamani
Lizbeth No. 20, color 694, Harvest Orange Medium. Finished: 7/15/13.

#10 Ratnasari
Lizbeth No. 20, color 644, Boysenberry Dark.  Finished: 7/16/13.
(This one turned out larger than all the other ones.  Not sure why. It also wasn't my favorite of all the ones I've made.)


  1. Lots of gorgeous tattings on this blog!!! :)

  2. I think the variegated one is beautiful - LUV it :)

  3. Thanks. I love the colors in variegated threads, but sometimes feel they steal the show in a pretty pattern, like the ones in this book. Make sense? Maybe it's just me.